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The humanity of Bangabandhu’s two daughters

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Protidinshiksha DESK : Four villages of Rampasha Union of Bishwanath Upazila of Sylhet are known as Jamshedpur, Dhalipara, Makhargaon and Amtail Mill.

The disability rate in Amtail village is more than double the overall rate in Sylhet. Bangabandhu’s youngest daughter Sheikh Rehana brought this issue to the notice of her elder sister Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina took cognizance of the matter immediately. He provided Rs 2,500 per person to 471 persons with disabilities in Rampasha Union and Rs 16.13 lakh for allotment of a lungi and a sari for each family.

Sources in the Prime Minister’s Office said on Tuesday (July 28th).

At the same time, the Prime Minister directed to ensure the well-being of the present disabled children of Amtail village and a healthy generation in the future.

Prime Minister’s seven-point directive –

1. Properly identify the problems of all the disabled in the village and bring them under the special disability allowance,

2. Door-to-door counseling to raise awareness about health protection and family planning,

3. Raising awareness about keeping one’s home and surroundings clean,

4. Provide vitamin supplements and potable water to ensure nutritional value of food,

5. Necessary soil filling, waste management, drainage system and other infrastructural development taxes in the village,

. Establishment of schools for the disabled and recruitment of necessary manpower by providing multi-dimensional education as per the needs of the disabled

. Provide on-demand auxiliary equipment such as wheelchairs, tricycles, hearing aids and visual aids.

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