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I got less salami, I gave more: Mehzabin

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Entertainment Desk: Through various limitations, this Mehzabin Chowdhury, a very busy and popular actress on the TV screen, has worked for Eid in a corona situation. Although he could not go back to the beginning, he finished some work in the middle. This Eid, 12 plays starring him are on the list of promotions; Some of which have already been publicized.

Among the dramas that have been aired, the two dramas ‘Abak Prem’ directed by Beau Shubh and ‘Pranapriya’ directed by Mizanur Rahman Arian have received good response. Ziaul Farooq Apurbo has teamed up with Mehzabin in both the plays. The two dramas have already been watched by more than 1 million viewers in just two days. The actress is quite excited to get a good response from the two works.

Mehajabin Chowdhury said, I could not do much work on Eid-ul-Fitr last time, this time I have tried to do something new just before Eid. I am going to do 12 works this Eid with new and old. This time we are working through many limitations. Still, I am satisfied with what I have been able to do. And some dramas have been aired, the rest are waiting to be aired. I have received many good responses and positive comments from those who have been promoted.

This Eid I have tried to work differently. So some comedy, some serious, some romantic, some sad everything worked together. Viewers will see me a little differently from these works. I have worked for them with all kinds of flavors.

Asked how he spent Eid, Mehzabin said, “Eid is like any other time, there is nothing new.” Because of the situation in the country is not going anywhere. I spent time with my family sitting at home. I have seen the works of others as well as myself. I always try to correct my mistakes by looking at the works of others or to develop myself further. This time I have seen the short film ‘Ayantrik’ directed by Ashfaq Nipun. I like this job very much. Sabila Noor has acted in it. Well done.

Talking about his experience with Eid salami, he said, “When I was young, I used to get salami from everyone.” I still get it but now I have to pay more than I get. This time I got salami from my parents which I get every time. And I have three younger brothers and sisters. Since there is no opportunity to go to any relative’s house due to the situation, I did not get much salami this time. This time I got less salami, I gave more.

When will you return to shooting? Mehjabin replied that since there was a lot of pressure before Eid, I returned to work with utmost caution. I have worked in a hurry with many limitations and with pressure. Now that Eid is over, I don’t want to rush. And now I do not want to take any pressure. So I will rest for a while. Understanding the situation and complying with safety, I will do something when I feel the need to work. I will not work in a row, I will do some work with a lot of time gap. I haven’t given anyone a schedule yet.

The play ‘Boo’ starring Mehzabin will be aired tonight at 11:30; On Banglavision, ‘Sparshe’ will be aired tonight at 11:30; On RTV, ‘Exile’ will air tonight; On CMV’s YouTube channel, ‘After a while the sun will rise’ will be broadcast tonight; On BangaBD’s YouTube channel, ‘Movies’ will be aired on the fifth day of Eid at 11 pm; On RTV, ‘Mr and Miss Chapabaaz’ will be aired on the fifth day of Eid at 8.30 pm; On Island TV, ‘Impossible Love’ will air on the seventh day of Eid at 11:50 pm; On bright TV.

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