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Aggressive China under pressure, tactical position of India

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International Desk: China’s aggressive actions to occupy the place of neighboring countries have been widely reported in the media around the world. China has challenged Japan in the East China Sea, occupied the South China Sea, and is embroiled in a dispute with India over the Ladakh border.

On the other hand, China has repeatedly threatened Taiwan, taken away the rights of the people of Hong Kong, and threatened to launch cyber-attacks to put economic pressure on Australia.

But for the first time, the quad (a security platform for the United States, India, Japan and Australia) stood up to China’s aggressive stance. The United States has sent two modern aircraft carriers to the South China Sea.

In addition, the US administration has put the Chinese at risk by taking effective action on China’s sensitive technology in the wake of the ongoing trade war. Washington has made Beijing unresponsive by stopping the transfer and sale of Chinese telecommunications technology and high-tech equipment.

The United States has even backed the closure of various Chinese technology products and sites in India. Starting from Huawei, India has sided with the United States in tough measures on ZTE.

On the other hand, Japan has reduced its dependence on Chinese-made products. The country is removing its institutions from China. As a result, Beijing has suffered huge losses. Japan’s trade relations with India are getting stronger after moving away from China.

Australia is improving its defenses in the face of Chinese aggression. The country is improving its defense equipment at a cost of ৭ 260 billion. Meanwhile, China is not withdrawing additional troops from the border even after repeated meetings at the commander level. The Modi government is very angry with China for occupying the place.

However, China is strengthening its good relations with Pakistan in the region. Beijing has always been on Pakistan’s side on the Kashmir issue. That is why many are saying that India should raise the issue of persecution of Uighur Muslims in China in the international arena.

In this situation, India can show kindness to the citizens of Hong Kong. This is because the Chinese government has imposed security laws by giving special benefits to the citizens of Hong Kong.

Experts suggest India could build good relations with Taiwan. Experts are also satisfied with the way India has handled the situation after China illegally claimed India’s place in the last few months. Experts also believe that China will be forced to think twice before taking such a step in the future.

Source: Times of India

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