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Messi’s goal mesmerized the football world

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Sports Desk: He is the magician of football. All the artistic goals come out with his feet, which is shocking to see. Messi’s magic was also seen in Bartas’s 3-1 win over Napoli last night. The goal he scored in the 23rd minute of Saturday’s match is probably the only goal Lionel Messi can score. Only Messi and Messi across social media after seeing this incredible goal at Camp Nou.

Messi started the eye-catching goal race against Napoli from the right wing. Everyone named it ‘Messi-Zone’. When Messi grabbed the ball from his teammate Luis Suarez and started running, three Napoli footballers were in front of him. When the ball landed, Messi drew Alpana on the green grass. Three defenders of Napoli mesmerized by the swing of his body. He fell twice before scoring an incredible goal but did not lose control of the ball. Napoli defenders could not snatch the ball from his feet.

This is how the dangerous Messi got into the box. Napoli defender Costas shortened the goal to prevent the Argentine superstar from scoring a goal. Messi was not given a place to take a shot. But Messi is a footballer from another planet. With the little space he got, he sent the ball to Napoli’s net with a dazzling curved shot. Ospina, the goalkeeper of the Italian club, threw the body but did not reach the ball. The goal of that curved shot is like another feather in the crown of Messi’s success.

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