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The heroine Pooja Cheri has broken her head

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Entertainment Desk: Pooja Cheri, the popular heroine of the time, has been the victim of an accident.

He slipped and fell in the bathroom at night and his head and forehead were torn.

The mother of the heroine Jharna Roy confirmed the information and told Facebook that Pooja slipped and fell in the bathroom on Tuesday night. He is quite injured.

His head and forehead were cut off. There was bleeding for about two hours. But nothing bad happened.

There is no danger in stopping the bleeding.
Jharna asked for blessings for her daughter.

Pooja was not taken to the hospital due to the situation in Corona and the night being over.

He is currently being treated at home. The doctor prescribed painkillers and sleeping pills, said Jharna Roy.

Popular Pooja Cheri made her big screen debut with the movie ‘Nurjahan’ produced by two Bengalis.

However, she got overnight fame as a heroine with her film ‘Poramon 2’ opposite Nayak Siam. After that he acted in the movie ‘Dahan’ with the same hero as he got praise.

The movie awaiting the release of the actress is Zvin, Shan and Psycho.

Besides, he has recently signed a contract for a movie titled ‘Hridita’ to be made with government grant. ABM Sumon is opposite him.

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