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Change the law to keep Trump’s hair beautiful!

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International Desk: The White House bathroom shower water does not fall properly. And that’s why US President Donald Trump’s hair is not washed well. It also takes more time. The president doesn’t get the ‘perfect’ hair of his choice, which is a must for him! Trump has been complaining about this for several months. In the face of the president’s objections, the decision was made to increase the speed of the spring water. And for this we have to change the law.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) said Wednesday it has proposed amendments to the law on the flow of water in springs. A law passed in 1992 by Republican President George HW Bush states that a maximum of two and a half gallons of water will fall from a shower every minute. The amendment proposal calls for installing several showers in the same tube to maintain this pressure. In that case the amount of water drop will increase quite well.

The White House officially announced Trump’s allegations last month. Complaining that there was less water in the shower, the president said, “You will take a bath with the shower. But water does not fall with it. Go wash your hands, no water will fall with the faucet (the same law applies in this case). What will you do? Stand – either under the shower or under the faucet to get your hands on. It will take more time to take a bath. I do not know you. The thing is in my case, the hair must be perfect. Absolutely perfect. ‘

Trump, however, has more complaints about bathroom fittings and water pressure. He also complained to reporters last December, saying, “Look at the bathroom sink, shower or other things. Water falls from their showers and drips. The condition of the faucet is also the same. Flash 10-15 times. Even after that extra water has to be poured. ‘

Environmental groups have already spoken out against Trump’s allegations. Andrew Delaski, of the energy-saving group Appliance Standard Awareness Project, said: “Trump’s allegations about toilets are incorrect. No such complaint was received from anyone else. If his complaint is met, there will be nothing but wastage of water. Fuel will also burn more. According to Reuters, the proposed amendment to the law will eventually lead to litigation. Sources: BBC, AFP.

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