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Heaps of complaints, yet he is 11 years MD

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Education Desk: He was not eligible to apply. He got the opportunity to apply even after that. Also get the highest marks in the recruitment test. Then he became the Managing Director (MD) of Dhaka WASA. The most talked about and criticized MD is Taksim A. Khan. He has been carrying the banner of corruption for 11 years since taking office in 2009. At this time, he has taken projects worth Tk 26,000 crore at different times to make Dhaka WASA operational. But WASA did not turn around. According to urban planners, the ‘Turn around Dhaka WASA’ project has practically failed due to corruption.
Apart from this, Taksim A Khan has been discussing the issue of drinking water, increasing the price of water 13 times, repeatedly extending the term of MD with the help of cunning, recruitment of people even if there is no post. Despite being the chief executive of WASA for 11 years, the water shortage in the capital has not been resolved. WASA water supplied in the pipeline was not deodorized. WASA is an agency of the Ministry of Local Government. In this context, Local Government Minister Tajul Islam said, ‘WASA has inconsistencies in many issues. It is difficult to say how he (the current MD) was repeatedly appointed. These happened before I took charge. However, WASA was not satisfied with inspecting several projects and canals. WASA has been warned about this in a letter. Long-term mismanagement in WASA must be eliminated.
Bangladesh Institute of Planners (BIP) General Secretary Urban Planner. Adil Muhammad Khan said, ‘In 1971, Sir Patrick Gades spoke about the importance of reservoirs, canals and rivers in the Dhaka city plan. But due to the indifference of WASA, Dhaka has become uninhabitable today. We have to work with integrated initiatives to overcome this situation. ‘

Failed project worth thousands of crores of rupees: The Padma-Jashaldia project cost Tk 7,000 crore to reduce the level of groundwater abstraction. Under which the demand for water is to be met by bringing water from Padma and supplying it to the capital. But there were allegations of irregularities at the beginning of the implementation of the project on 62 acres of land at Mawa Jashaldia Point. WASA incurred a financial loss of Tk 350 crore from the outset as it did not negotiate with the Chinese contractor Messrs. China CMC Engineering Company Limited. There are allegations against top WASA executives that they took large sums of money from contractors.
Later, pipes for 33 km pipeline were imported from China at a cost of Rs 1,000 crore. The diameter of the pipe was supposed to be 21 millimeters but it was 15.5 millimeters. Thickness is also given less – 19 millimeters (K-9) instead of 22 millimeters (K-10). Allegedly, money has been embezzled by bringing low diameter pipes at low prices. As a result, the pipe burst more than once. Due to this patchwork, the daily water supply is only 150 million liters instead of 450 million liters. WASA MD and project managers are regularly appearing before the ACC in these cases.
There is no water in the water mine: On November 21, 2016, Dhaka WASA Managing Director (MD) Taksim A Khan announced at a press conference: ‘A water mine has been found in Bhakurta, Savar to extract groundwater. The water is being collected in Bhakurta through a channel from the Himalayas. 150 million liters of water will be extracted daily from that mine through deep tube wells. However, it will not create a vacuum there. The water of the Himalayas will come through the channel and fill the gap. For this, Dhaka WASA took a project to install 47 deep tube wells in Bhakurta at a cost of Taka 573 crore. But after the commissioning of 15 tube wells, the water stopped flowing in the surrounding tubewells. The other 31 tube wells could not be started. They are lying in the empty field. However, all the money for the project has been spent.
Water price is increasing every year: Dhaka WASA has increased water price 13 times in the last 11 years. During this MD, in 2013, an application was made to the Ministry to give the WASA Board the power to increase the price of water at the rate of 10 per cent instead of 5 per cent per annum. Although the ministry did not approve it. However, at the rate of 5 percent, the price of water has not only increased by 80 percent in the last 12 years, it has increased by almost 100 percent. Most recently, on September 2 last year, WASA proposed to double the price of water in one step. After the directive of the ministry, WASA has started collecting water price from 11 taka 58 paisa to 14 taka 47 paisa and commercial customer water price from 36 taka 4 paisa to 40 taka from last April.
Expenditure of crores of rupees behind two directors: There is no post of advisor or director of MD in Dhaka WASA Manpower Structure (Organogram). There is no provision for appointment if necessary. However, Dhaka WASA spends one crore rupees a year behind the two people who are currently in Dhaka out of the three people who were appointed without following this rule. Despite the ministry’s objections, the post of director was approved by the WASA board. Abul Kashem and AKA Shahid Uddin, two former chief engineers of WASA, were appointed as directors.
OSD-Dismissed if disliked by the authorities: Rabiul Kaiser, the caretaker engineer of Dhaka WASA Engineers Association and a founding member of Bangabandhu Engineers’ Council, was elected as the President of Dhaka WASA Engineers Association in 2012. Abul Kashem, the then caretaker engineer and current director, known as the BNP-Jamaat Gharana engineer, was the MD’s preferred candidate for the post. Rabiul Kaiser won the election by a huge margin. Shortly afterwards, he was fired. Although the court repeatedly directed Rabiul Kaiser to be reinstated, WASA did not implement it. After his retirement, the court said he would settle all his debts within a month. But even that was not implemented by WASA.
According to the victims, in the last 11 years, the followers of the ideology of the liberation war in WASA were the main victims of dismissal-OSD. Asim Kumar Ghosh, the son of a martyred freedom fighter, was fired without any reason. Professor Md. Asaduzzaman’s son, the chief revenue officer. Azimuzzaman, Bangabandhu Engineering Council leader WASA executive engineer Kazi Khairul Bashar and executive engineer Mozammel Haque have also been made OSDs. Similarly, Bangabandhu Engineers Council Member and Executive Engineer Mohiuddin Arif, Deputy Secretary Alamgir Hossain, Shahidul Islam, Executive Engineer Zahidur Rahman, Security and Intelligence Officer Mizanur Rahman, Assistant Secretary Nuruzzaman Miaji, Office Superintendent MM Ikram, PLI Rafiqul Islam, LDA Computer operator Yusuf Ali has been kept on OSD for years. Shahabuddin Sarkar, a pipeline inspector and vice-president of the WASA Sramik-Karmachari League, and Anwar Hossain Khan Labu, an office associate and leader of the Dhaka Metropolitan North Sramik League, were also sacked on ridiculous charges. WASA did not settle the complaint within 180 days as per the court order.
According to the victims, only the officials associated with BNP-Jamaat in the past are doing well in WASA. On the recommendation of the late BNP leader Sadek Hossain Khoka, Enayet Abdullah, who got a job as a security guard in a master role at the Sayedabad Water Treatment Plant, has been given three important responsibilities (Assistant Secretary Administration-1, Co-ordination Officer and Assistant Secretary Board). Recently, Assistant Secretary Siraj Uddin has been promoted to the post of Deputy Secretary. Former Shibir leader Assistant Accountant Rafiqul Islam has been given the responsibility of Assistant Secretary, surpassing 18 others. Although executive engineer Ruhul Amin, who took commission from the contractors, was permanently fired, nothing happened to the supervising engineer Saidul Islam. Saidul Islam is known as a Jamaat activist and Ruhul Amin was the leader of BUET Chhatra League.
Taksim A Khan’s statement: In this context, WASA MD Taksim A Khan said, in the last 11 years, WASA has changed a lot. WASA is now a role model in South Asia. People can now pay WASA bills at home. You can complain online. Dhaka WASA has turned around in 10 years. People are getting much more services than before. Drainage system is much better. Jashaldia said about the project, Dhaka is not going to produce at maximum capacity as the distribution network does not have enough capacity to supply this water. A project for this is awaiting approval. At present, 18 to 20 crore liters of water is available every day.
Regarding the increase in water price, WASA MD said that the price of electricity has already increased many times. Is there a price for water purification equipment 10 years ago? Do you have dollar value, import duty, customs duty, VAT? Water prices have not risen in terms of inflation. About the Bhakurta project, he said, it is a survey-based project. Even then 8-10 crore liters of water is being available daily.
“It is utterly untrue. You can say that the present management is pursuing a policy of ‘zero tolerance’ on corruption. The basic principle of the government is to take strict action against any corrupt party or opinion,” he said. Punishment is being arranged. No party or opinion has been given priority. ” Regarding his various irregularities and corruption, he said, ‘These are not correct. It is the rumor of the dishonest court. Various government agencies have investigated the matter and found no evidence of corruption.

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