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Riya Chakraborty used to communicate with Aamir!

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Entertainment desk: Riya Chakraborty’s phone is now in ED’s custody. And one new information after another is coming out of it. Not only Mahesh Bhatt, Riya had contacts with a number of famous Bollywood superstars, one of whom was Aamir Khan. And with whom was the phone exchange rear?

According to news sources, the actress once called Aamir Khan. Aamir did not call him but texted him three times.

Not only Aamir, the rear call record says, his contacts were also with Aditya Roy Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Rakul Preet Singh.

Riya called Rakul 30 times. Rakul called him 14 times. The two also exchanged SMS. I also had a phone conversation with ‘Aashiqui’ fame Aditya Roy Kapoor. Riya called him a total of 17 times.

On the other hand, Adityamot called Riya seven times.

Rear also used to talk to Sunny Singh, who is famous for ‘Sonu Ki Tweeti Ki’. Even, there was communication with Ranadjnubati. Rhea called Saniketsat Bar. Sunny called four times. The number is the same in the case of runners.

Riya also called the late dancer Saroj Khan. On the other hand, it was earlier reported that Riya and Mahesh Bhatt had exchanged calls 18 times in January this year alone. Riya called Mahesh nine times. And Mahesh seven times.

Three Khans of Bollywood have not spent a single sentence on Sushant’s death, maintenance of relatives, etc. So far, some netizens are a little surprised to see Aamir Khan in the rear call list.

Why is Aamir a silent spectator despite having contact with the rear? Question fans. Aamir though is currently abroad for his next photo shoot.

In addition, before and after Sushant’s death, Riya called a man named ‘AU’. True-caller shows her name ‘AU’, whom Rhea has called 44 times in total. And incoming calls have been made 18 times. Who is this ‘AU’? The CBI is now looking for ‘U’.

Source: Anandabazar Patrika.

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