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Fire on Tom Cruise’s shooting set

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Entertainment desk: Due to Corona, the movie ‘Mission Impossible’ could not start shooting for so long.

The shooting of the seventh installment of this popular movie for action and stunts has just started. But while doing stunts in the shooting, the shooting set caught fire. In such a situation, the photo team is facing huge losses.

According to British media reports, a very heavy set was built in Oxfordshire last Tuesday. There the motorcycle caught fire while performing a risky stunt on a motorcycle. While stunting with a motorcycle in the air, the motorcycle exploded while going down.

Tom Cruise likes to do his own stunts in the movie Mission Impossible. However, he did not participate in the shooting that day. The stunt was planned for six weeks, but did not succeed. Although no one was injured in the accident. Eventually members of the fire service came to the rescue.

The fire caused damage worth crores of rupees. The cost to decorate the set is over 22 crore rupees. In a word, it will cost a huge amount of money to re-create the set for this scene. This time the whole photo shoot got stuck.

The shooting of the seventh installment of ‘Mission Impossible’, written and directed by Christopher McQueen, began last month. The film is scheduled to release on November 19, 2021.

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