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The new US President Joe Biden will win in Nevada

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International Desk: Concerns about the outcome of the US election have not yet subsided. In the meantime, the results of most of the electoral votes have come to hand. So far, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has received 284 electoral votes.

On the other hand, Republican candidate Donald Trump has 214 votes.

Meanwhile, Democrat candidate Joe Biden has won 17 electoral votes in the battleground state of Michigan. According to the news agency APR Fox News, with 264 electoral votes, it is on the verge of victory.

Another battleground ahead now is Nevada (six electoral votes) with the desired ‘magic figure’ of 260 electoral votes. However, his rival, incumbent President Donald Trump, has said he will not run in the by-elections.

After winning in Michigan and Arizona, Biden’s total electoral vote stood at 274.

As a result, Biden will touch the magic figure of becoming president with the six electoral votes allocated for Nevada if he wins.

In Nevada, Biden is currently leading with only 0.6 percent of the vote. He got 49.3% of the votes counted so far.

On the other hand, the Republican candidate Donald Trump got 48.6 percent of the votes.

Much depends on who is going to be the next US president.

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